Installation / Sound Sculpture

    Vacuum is a project that was born from listening to an empty space, a quarry in the area of the Murge plateau in Puglia. A place where the sound generated by footsteps and rock falls echoes among the excavations, on the rocky walls cut into regular blocks, transforming the quarry into a reactive architecture with a changing sound nature.
The installation Vacuum connects, through the elements of the soundscape, the physical qualities of the place with the formal qualities of the sculpture. The field recording samples, processed to emphasize their rhythmic-harmonic qualities, can be experienced through the interaction with the stone modules: limestone tuff worked by hand to obtain irregular blocks. The three modules are the sculptural distillation of the research site and reproduce in synthesis its physical and structural characteristics.

Year: 2017

︎︎︎ Vinyl Release

Sound composition by Polisonum
Tuff quarry photographic detail
Edition made in 20 specimen
Each copy contains the "Vacuum" notation printed in Fine-Art


Work in progress · · · Italian Council 12 · · · Superimposition - Cercle Cité Luxembourg  04.05.2024 - 30.06.2024 / Mambo Bologna 26.09.2024 ·