A/V Installation

    The abandoned railway section Castellaneta - Gioia del Colle in Puglia represents one of those places that meet the definition of 'undecided spaces', heterogeneous and dispersed realities which, precisely because of their nature of uncontrolled spaces, constitute a refuge for diversity, a product of the rational organization of the territory. A 'subnature' that lies between the natural world and the artificiality of industrial and urbanization processes.
A six-hour walk in which Polisonum traveled an abandoned railway section, extending the vegetal dynamism of the Third Landscape theorized by Gilles Clément to the field of sound.
An audio-video survey without interruptions, a sensitive accumulation of data on space, a continuous flow of heterogeneous stimuli.

778FS is presented as an open work, an interactive installation consisting of a series of variants that the public can activate. Through the movement of the viewer in the exhibition space, the work is continuously regenerated, visually and acoustically reconfiguring the explored landscapes.

Year: 2017