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Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen 2021
a project by OTO SOUND MUSEUM
in collaboration with
Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen and Sinfonieorchester St.Gallen

Palazzo Pallavicini, Bologna
SetUp Contemporary Art Fair, 2018

Curated by Francesca Ceccherini

︎ Sound Composition
60” Extract

︎ Video Performance

Sound Installation / Notation

    Mouvement is a site specific work created for Palazzo Pallavicini in Bologna on the occasion of Set Up 2018.

    Starting from the study that reflects on the idea of musical space, underlying but closely correlated to the temporal aspect of music, the sound installation Mouvement (2018) was born from the reworking of the minuet k94, composed and performed by W.A. Mozart on 26 March 1770 at Palazzo Pallavicini, during his first trip to Italy when he was only fourteen.

    The dilation characterizes the work Mouvement, a term coined in 1700 to describe the musical characteristics of the physical scanning of time. Through timestretching - a deformation process used in electronic music - the composition k94 was in fact subjected to an expansion of 248 years, the time that separates us from the day of the composer's performance to today. The sound work, set up in loop in an intimate room adjacent to the "Music Room", in which the young Mozart performed his minuet, is the result of a harmonic recomposition of the notes, here dilated and altered from the original. The diaphanous character, offered through elongated notes and ethereal sounds, contains a memory that asks our hearing to listen far in time.
Set up in one of the most significant buildings in Bologna, Mouvement welcomes in a condition of timeless suspension, which underlines the evocative character of sound and its powerful faculty of signification.

    To complete the work, a visual restitution of the musical notation: a micro universe of sound data, translated on paper, which return a utopian score of dilated notes, scattered signs that seem to recall a visual poem.

    The episode that saw W. A. Mozart as a guest at Palazzo Pallavicini remains one of the most significant examples of the relationship between music and the high aristocracy, with the encroachment of the classical Viennese style in Italy. Mouvement updates this memory by experimenting with sound through contemporary languages, to welcome the visitor on a threshold of simultaneity between past and future. 

Year: 2018

Work in progress · · · Italian Council 12 · · · Superimposition - Cercle Cité Luxembourg  04.05.2024 - 30.06.2024 / Mambo Bologna 26.09.2024 ·