Materia Lumina


·  Romaeuropa Festival
2018 Digitalive

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︎ Electroacoustic set for bell
︎ Audiodocumentary

A/V Performance

    Materia Lumina is a sound performance which, through the study of the sound of the bell, connects a contemporary compositional practice with one of the most ancient italian traditions: the sound of bells, specifically the Bergamo bell practice. A remote musical dialogue therefore, between the stage and the bell tower of Piazza Brembana in the Bergamo valleys.

    The bell has a great symbolic value for our culture. It has always been a source of information and communication for the communities gathered around the bell towers as well as characterizing and identifying the soundscape. The acoustic characteristics of the object itself reflect this importance, the bells emit a sound that reaches far away; the bell is far away, hanging on the top of the bell tower and often, despite the punctuality of the tolls, goes unnoticed, confused with the background noise of the streets, of contemporary cities. Materia Lumina has the aim of re-knowing, bringing to light this musical instrument and its social value.

    The performance is configured as an experimentation on the sound of a bell: the sounds generated by the interaction of a mechanical orchestra, in dialogue with an ensemble of bell musicians acting remotely, are processed in real time. The bell on stage is equipped with microphones and micro-cameras that enhance the vibrations and the matter of which it is composed.

Year: 2018

    Romaeuropa Festival 2018

    Durata 50’′

    A cura di:
    Francesca Ceccherini

    Sound Engineering:
    Filippo Lilli
    Ascani Causella

    Donato Loforese
    Paride Donatelli

    Interaction System:
    Federico Peliti

    Con la collaborazione di:
    ︎  Federazione Campanari Bergamaschi
    ︎  Fonderia Allanconi

Work in progress · · · Italian Council 12 · · · Superimposition - Cercle Cité Luxembourg  04.05.2024 - 30.06.2024 / Mambo Bologna 26.09.2024 ·