Passi 13’36’’

Sound composition by Polisonum recorded at Palazzo Altemps in Rome, December 18th 2018

Sound engineer:
Ascanio Cusella e Filippo Lilli
Vinyl pressing by Vinyl Recording Service Mr Vertigo, Isola del Liri

photographic detail of the installation "Passi" at Palazzo Altemps, Rome, December 18th 2018, elaborated with silver leaf and sulfur on photographic paper

Graphic Design
Donato Loforese

Case made by
Legatoria d’Arte di Roma


Studio Bibliografico Marini
Rome – October 2019

Vinyl Release

Edition made in 30 + VI copies reserved for collaborators
Each copy contains an original watercolor by Alfredo Pirri, made on Arches Satinéé 300 g paper.
Each work is signed in pencil and authenticated with the artist's archive dry stamp.

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Excerpt from the curatorial text by Francesca Ceccherini

PASSI (13’ 36’’) is the outcome of the encounter
between Alfredo Pirri and Polisonum

A dialogue that arises from two practices and two generations, a spark that sometimes lights up when artists field and share skills and knowledge, when they have the desire to build common paths, to contaminate. For several years Alfredo Pirri has nurtured a deep interest in practices that explore sound language, testified by his collaboration over time with musicians and by the very concept of PASSI, which also consists of a panorama of sounds given by acting, by action of breaking, of its passers-by.

It is here, within this sound abyss, that Pirri invites the Polisonum collective to experiment. PASSI (13 "36 ') is born, a sound composition recorded on vinyl in 30 editions, the result of a defined and rigorous dramaturgy in which technical and narrative skills remain invisible to let emerge the portrait of experience, movement, definition space-time.

Rendered in its purity, the sound of PASSI - composed of unpredictable acoustic signs, creaks, crunches, crackles and rhythmic accents - becomes here the restitution of a threshold, that border between reality and the apparent that we can still question and imagine. And once again, as the mirror shatters, something new is born, a new light comes on, a job comes into the world: now the space can be heard.

Year: 2019

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︎ Sound Composition

Work in progress · · · Italian Council 12 · · · Superimposition - Cercle Cité Luxembourg  04.05.2024 - 30.06.2024 / Mambo Bologna 26.09.2024 ·