Polisonum is an artistic research collective that uses sound as a method and investigation device to explore the metamorphosis in the places of history and contemporaneity, in landscapes and geographies.

Polisonum stands out for its research aimed at listening and interpreting the places in which it operates, natural or anthropic, through installations that translate into the restitution of sound traces, identifying of a distant time or hardly perceptible in the space in which they live today.
The collective, made up of figures that intersect different disciplines - such as visual arts, sound engineering and technology - places the relationship with space and the sound flows that animate it at the center of its practice, the starting point for every research and the creation of works that become sound portraits, containers of stories, transformations, evolutions. The installations are conceived as open works, offering themselves to the interaction of the public and to a participatory dimension, characters that become an integral and necessary part of each project.

text by Francesca Ceccherini

Filippo Lilli (sound artist)
Donato Loforese (visual artist)


+39 380 3251717